p3 skeleton

P3 Skeleton

My next project was based on a Michell Syncro. I improved it in several ways, creating something unique…


The first two tables generated several favorable responses, so I decided to attempt something more substantial. I combined a Rega arm, Michelle armboard, and VPI platter with a custom  two-piece plinth, 2 sets of custom feet (one in aluminum and one in acrylic), and a custom motor box filled with lead shot. I devised a system to adjust the armboard height so the owner could easily use other tonearms. One of the things I like about this design is that it offers many opportunities to tweak things to change or improve the sound. For example, I did not permanently join the two acrylic pieces that make up the plinth. This allows a third piece of material, such as aluminum or wood, to be added to the mix. As in my earlier designs, the plinth rests on a small silicone dots – a system that can be easily modified.



My most recent project also incorporates a VPI platter and Rega arm, but everything else is custom. The two-piece plinth was created by an audiophile named Dave I met through Dave owns a company that manufacturers products using acrylic. He saw one of my earlier tables and suggested that we collaborate. A friend of Dave’s made the feet to my specs at his machine shop. I carried over several of the “tweak-friendly” features from my last table and added a few more. I love the look of the “Coke bottle green” acrylic. This is the result…